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The Passing of 2/9ers or members of their family and also when there is an Illness

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Keith Koski

Postby gcoronado » Sun Feb 01, 2009 5:49 pm

I recieved an E-mail from Marcy Bentler, daughter of Keity Koski (E Co. 66-67) informing me of Kieths' passing a year ago fighting cancer for 9 years and is missed very much. "He was a very proud vetern and shared many of his stories with us"and "we have lots of wonderful memories to cherish." " She says. "it is getting close to a year now since my father passed away and I have been thinking about everything that he loved so much, and the Marines were at the top of that list. I know he loved keeping in touch with the guys." And she says, "I was just looking for any kind of memories or stories or pictures." "My husband is currently serving with the MN National Guard in Iraq, so the Military is very important part of our lives. We are pround of our soldiers and Vets."
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