A finding

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A finding

Postby gcoronado » Mon Jan 13, 2014 6:31 pm

I was informed through an E-mail by an U S Army Veteran (73-82) named Jim Bias, he sent me this note: "I am not a Marine, I am trying to locate one of your Marines in order to return something to him left behind in a retaurant in Toledo,Ohio during the summer of 2012. And since this Marin never called about or came back for it, I am afraid he may have been thru Toledo,Oho sometime during the summer of 2012. I hopes he had passed thru the area and simply forgot where he left this item. In any case this item belongs back in the hands of the Marine who served with you unit. This is definately something that belongs in the hnads of the Marine who owned it."

After Jim contacted me he decude he would send it to me, and I now have it with me, and I would like to return it to the owner, as Jim requests. Please cll me (Gabe Coronado, E Co 65-66) @ 810-334-0377. Let's see if we can get it back to where it belongs... Semper Fi Marines
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