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Brad Griffin

Postby gcoronado » Tue Jun 12, 2007 12:26 pm

Charlie Carter writes, “I was with Lima 3/26 Marines in 66-67. I am trying to help the brother of a Marine I knew when he was with 3/26 before he was transferred to 2/9. The Marine is Brad Griffin, he was in 81 mortars with H&S 3/26 when I knew him. He was transferred to 2/9 and was KIA while working with G2/9 on 9/12/67. I do not know if he was with 81’s with 2/9 but I suspect he was. Brad’s brother is Mark Griffin. Mark was in the Army the same time Brad was in the Marines. Mark was stationed in Germany however. Brad extended his tour of duty in Nam so that Mark would not have to go over there. As stated, Brad was killed and Mark still has a tough time coming to grips with this. Mark has been diagnosed with Alzheimers. His daughter is trying to find any information that someone might have on Brad. We are trying to locate a “Joe Matthews” who was supposedly was with Brad when he was killed on 9/12/67. This “Joe Matthews” showed up at the griffin home some years after Brad’s Death. He told Mark Griffin that he was with Brad at the time of his death and that he took Brad’s dog tags. Williams was supposed to send at least one of these dog tags to the Griffin family but he never did.
Bottom line here – I am trying to locate Joe Matthews with 2/9 in 1967. I am also trying to find anyone who may have a picture of Brad when he was with 2/9 or who may have known Brad and have some information on his death. I happened to have a picture of Brad when we were at Subic Bay and I have sent that to the Griffin family. If you can be of some assistance I would appreciate being contacted at: or my business e-mail at “

Thank for any help you can give.

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