GySgt Ed Harker

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GySgt Ed Harker

Postby John Foster » Sat Apr 15, 2006 12:22 am

I saw the Gunny's obituary in this months issue of Leatherneck. My condolenses to family and friends. I would have liked more to have been said about Ed. I didn't know him personnally but I did work under him for a short period. I wonder if he would have wanted more in his obit.
Has any of you guys thought about what you would like in your obituary? My wife asked me to write one on myself. Its not easy.
I know that Gy Harker was a dedicated career Marine that earned the respect of every Marine that served under him and every senior enlisted and officer that had the priviledge of having him in their command. He was a loving father and husband. Without hesitation, Ed would have laid his life on the line for each and everyone of us.
If you Marines are fortunate to out live me, you have my permission to use the above mentioned sentiments in my obituary,
God Bless, Happy Easter and Semper Fi
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