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Some members recently received an email from a political activist who is trying to stir up trouble in our ranks. This email had a lot of FALSE information about the Branson Hotel we are using for our reunion. This person is not a 2/9 member and is not even a Marine. He is trying to use our group for his own personal political agenda. I have contacted him and he has agreed to stop sending emails to our members. If you received one of these emails and want to discuss it, you can call me at: 810-334-0376 or email me at: member3107@aol.com. I have informed him our organization is not concerned with political or religious affiliations, creeds or color. We are all Marines, and we all bleed red. We are brothers with a bond fused under fire, and a Network to find those who shared our blood and mud.

There will be two Reunion locations in November. One group will meet at the Virginian Suites in Washington, DC and follow the usual format and agenda. The other group will meet in Branson, Missiouri with a new agenda that includes a variety of events. It was incorrectly reported in the last Runner that the DC Reunion was for Echo Company. In fact, any and all 2/9ers are welcome to attend either Reunion. For information on the Branson Reunion visit http://www.reunionpro.com and click on the Reunions tab. For information on the Washington Reunion contact Steve Clemons at stephen@cablespeed.com
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