Memorial Day 2010

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Memorial Day 2010

Postby Doc Schmidt » Sun May 30, 2010 5:46 pm

Dear Brothers: Each time this year I remember all fallen brethern, but would like to remember the following 2/9 Marines & Corpsmen from Fox and Echo 2/9 1966-67:
Daniel Kirstein HM3 may 8, 1967
Edward Paine HM3 may 17,1967
Phillip Hines HM3 may 19,1967
David Prentice Shelton July 29,1967 Ben Hai River
Noel Nelson HN july 15,1967
Robertt Kisch July 29, 1967 Ben Hai River (I think I had to identify you once we got off of that damn road)
William Andrus HM3 september 16,1967
Robert Nalley HN march 17,1967
Benny Lee Butler PFC May 17,1967 (How can I ever forget you: C-ration coffee over sterno, your taped glasses, your chew and spit-your promise that your M-60 would ta
ke care of me , if I would take care of you with my morphine. How did we know that I would get promoted and pulled out of the field to go to Echo 2/9? Ed Paine
was your Doc after that and he died with you that day)
Robert Turner HM2 may 26,1967 (First day of Operation Hickory and you were with 2/26 and 2/9 was supporting you guys when the NVA mortars took you my good friend
from Guam,Marianas Islands Naval Hospital and Camp Pendelton FMF School. I still try to drink all the beer in Illinois(that was Benny's wish when he got home) for you and Benny and the guys. I had contact with
your cousin about 4 years ago. He was a retired Navy Airedale who had to go to Dover Air Force Base and identify you. What a Hell of a guy. They recently did a movie on the Military escorts (Bringing Chris Home, I think was the title). I think they do it better these days than they did for you guys. But tomorrow I will salute all
of you HEROS

I am going on 67 years and I still grieve our losses. Doc Schmidt
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