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Postby waltthomas » Tue Sep 07, 2010 10:42 am

Does anyone out there have any pics of " Bo " ( Larry Graham Buford )who was KIA on Nov. 30, 1967?
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Re: Pictures

Postby tomfen » Tue Sep 07, 2010 7:07 pm

Sorry Walt, none here. S/F, Tom F, Fox, 67-68
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Re: Pictures

Postby paul cerda » Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:24 pm

I was with fox 2nd plt. the day Bo was KIA, in fact as a squad leader 2nd plt 2nd squad I had the company point up to the DMZ when we spotted a squad on NVA on the buffer zone, we opened up with m60`s and 60mm mortars , subsequently Lt. harreld sent us(2nd squad) down hill to secure enemy weapons and equipment ...cpl morales (filo) with half the squad and the weapons team deployed left to set up a base of fire as we approached the craters where the enemy bodies had been we captured the ak47`s, maps,knap sacks,socks filled with rice,rifle cleaning gear,enemy maps and various information valuable to our intelligence group and proceeded back to our lines, where we spent the night on the high ground....the following morning we got orders for Fox co. to advance in columns towards the enemy on the treeline Cpl.beauford then volunteered to take the point along with a weapons team, halfway into the treeline we got ambushed our squad/weapons team sustained 7 kias (to this day I believe that all 7 kia`s that finally made the final sacrifice, after fighting it out with the NVA troops should have gotten at least a silver star, specially Cpl. Beauford and Lt. Grady W. Harreld....Lt. Harreld directed artillery fire and looked after the men, casualties and non-injured marines, had it not been for his actions..our casualties would have tripled) I dont have pictures of Cpl. Beauford but I would appreciate it if someone knows the relatives of Cpl. Beauford Please let them know what happened from someone that was there with him on that day.
paul cerda
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