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4th MarineDivision

Postby waltthomas » Thu Jul 21, 2016 9:35 am

My wife and I visited the Hawaiian island of Maui earlier this year and spent 12 days there. It was an enjoyable vacation and we visited several beaches and some of the tourist sites. During one tour we found out that during World War II the 4th Marine Division spent quite a bit of time training on Maui for invasion of Japanese-held islands. During that period large areas of the island were transformed by the necessities required for housing and training large numbers of Marines. I was told that one staple food used during this period was Spam. It was a good source of protein that didn't require refrigeration and lots of it was eaten by the locals as well as the Marines. It was interesting to find out that spam is still eaten by the locals and you can purshase " spam and eggs " at the McDonalds on Maui. Our tour guide hinted that this menu item was a tribute to the sacrifice of the 4th Marine Division and their sacrifices during WWII. There is a small park dedicated to the 4th Marine Division on Maui.
One other intetesting thing that I found out on one of the beaches there from a lifeguard was that he sporadically finds military artifacts of the WWII era washed up on the shore after a storm. The beach was one location where the Marines practiced their landings. He told me that there are two old tanks further out in about 60 feet of water.
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Re: 4th MarineDivision

Postby tomfen » Wed Jul 27, 2016 10:12 pm

Interesting post Walt.
I bought a can of Spam last year...........couldn't finish it. Talk about salty.

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