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Postby doc jackson » Thu Mar 03, 2005 10:43 pm

My name is Doc Jackson. I had the great honor of serving with Fox company from Dec. 68 untill Aug 69. I was wounded on Dec 23 1968 at Vandergrift when we were rocketed by the NVA.I spent 28 days on the hospital ship Sanctuary and returned to Fox Co. in time to go on Dewey Canyon. My main reason for writing is to try to get in communication with Pop Orr. Pop was a great source of strength for me during those difficult days during Dewey Canyon and I sit in my garden with my wife and talk about Pop remembering funny stuff like him teaching me how to curse the Lt. (Morley was another great Marine). Anyway without being too \"sentimental\" I just want Pop to know how much I appreciate him being there and his support during those difficult times. Also many thanks to a great company of marines that I had the great fortune to serve with. If anyone knows how to get in touch with Pop, please give me a call @ 803- 648-7397, or email me. SF, Doc Jackson
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