50 Anniversary 1175

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50 Anniversary 1175

Postby Pete1175 » Sat Feb 02, 2019 11:55 am

It is hard to believe but this February 5th, it will be 50 years since we were ambushed on 1175. Also known as Tiger mountain, we were sent up to take out an NVA artillery base. It turned out to not be on the peak we went up but on it's adjacent peak which was in Laos. On the way back out, we were ambushed by the NVA which were blocking our way down the mountain. We lost 5 men in the ensuing firefight; Corpsman HM2 Bruce Bernstein, L/cpl Gary Haley, Pfc Ken Jackson, L/cpl Tom Noonan, (who was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroic attempt to save other fallen marines in this battle); and my close friend, Bob McCluskey who died at my side.

We as a company had gone the whole time up the mountain without food. Some places using rope to ascend. C-Rats were to be dropped to us once we got to the top but because of the socked in weather that became impossible. I will always remember Bob and I huddled together for warmth near a bamboo fire we were allowed to make (the first time ever in my experience in the bush) on the night before our trip down. We were all soaked to the skin during this Monsoon trek and were freezing. I tried eating bark from a tree. (doesn't work).

As I do every year, I will raise a glass to the men who died. I also will do so for the men who made it down and got home. I know we will never forget. Semper Fi, Peter Grosso
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