Tom Noonans' Fireteam on Hill 1175 followup

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Re: Tom Noonans' Fireteam on Hill 1175 followup

Postby Rooker » Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:25 pm

Doc D

Yes that was the day after as we moved toward 1175. I remember that I has a hole in one can of chow my poncho liner was swiss cheese and had a few bullet creases on my canteen and helmet cover. I thank God that I moved that fast or it would of been a horrible day. I am very proud to serve with everyone in the 9th as we were the best mountain regiment in country. I was glad to return to the Company after my vacation in the US Naval Hospital in Guam. I was sad to see so many new faces and hear about those that were medivac or lost. I love for all my brothers will go with me to the grave as they have been with me all my life.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOrrrrrrrrrrragh Semper Fi Marines

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Re: Tom Noonans' Fireteam on Hill 1175 followup

Postby donald » Mon Mar 28, 2016 5:24 am

I was radioman for third squad third platoon... As a result I heard everything two ways. When I heard gunfire in the distance I also heard it over the radio simultanesly. Orders shouted were broadcast. McClusky and Pete were standing behind me, I heard over the radio that the guns on the firing line had cracked bolt heads. Thats when they were called up. We were a reinforced rifle squad, so we all moved forward together and set up on the left front or the ambush.I could see Noonan standing up between two bolders that were the size of buicks. He had complete cover. Bob and Pete set up directly in front of me. I got cover behind a slab of rock that was the size of a refrigator. I saw everything... I saw Bob get hit, I saw Noonan and the guy he tried to rescue both get hit and die. I could see all of the NVA ambush fireing at us. They couldn't hit me with small arms so they started firing riflegrenades. The first four were duds the fifth on got me, It went off between my feet. A corpman crawled up and draged me back to a safe area. I never troubled my self with names and faces of anyone not in my platoon. If help was needed they were there as were we. I think that's why I'm proud to be called by the term
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