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Giant Apes on 1175 in January 1969

PostPosted: Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:38 pm
by donald
Summers was squad leader, I was radioman, Jermaine m79 man.
On the afternoon of the second day, after we crossed the river, as the sun set, we were standing on the trail with the sunset to our backs. Sun light was shining through the jungle. That's when I saw something move toward us in the canopy. It was up high and swing through the trees, I could see the limbs jerk and sway. Finally it reached us. I saw two huge black hands grasp two limbs and then pull them apart. That's when it appeared, holding the limbs it leaned forward and looked at us. It had a black face and long brown hair all over it"s body. Using the limbs it proped it"s self up sideways. The whole time it had a pissed look on it's face. It must have known what guns were because it didn"t come closer. It looked like it was 10 feet tall. It was big.