for Pete Grosso

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for Pete Grosso

Postby Rooker » Thu Jul 25, 2013 10:24 pm

Hi Pete,

I have been talking with Lt Horn some and thought I should check in and see how you are doing.

The Skipper asked to if I was going to the reunion but due to a number of reasons it is negative. However, the Skipper got me thinking as none of us are getting any younger maybe I should talk to the Doctors and see if I can make it.

I was reading the posts and my dates for 1175 matches yours in the official records as well. I was in the Asan Annex Ward 508 with a leg wound gunshot in Feb 69 and returned to the Company in early April where LT Horn was the six.

Semper Fi Pete

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Re: for Pete Grosso

Postby Pete1175 » Fri Jul 26, 2013 10:15 am

Thanks for that. I was starting to doubt my sanity.

I just heard from Jim Horn regarding the passing of Dean Storey. Another good Marine gone to heaven. That is one of the sad things about getting old; hearing of the passing of old buddies.

I am doing fine. Knock on wood. I would like to attend one reunion before its all over but will have to see. Keep in touch Ken by this forum or my email. SF.....Pete
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