On the pier in Da Nang 7/14/69

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On the pier in Da Nang 7/14/69

Postby donald » Wed Jul 31, 2013 4:34 pm

I was in Bravo 1/9. In formation on the pier. We listened to all the speeches by all the dignitaries. I was in the front rank.
They lined up a row of school girls from a catholic convent in Da Nang.They walked up to us and hung a yellow ribbon around our necks. The girl that walked up to me was wearing a white and turquoise sarong. She was eurasian with beautiful features. Tall with olive skin long black hair and blue eyes. As she hung the ribbon around my neck I looked into her eyes and thought, "where the fuck have you been."
Fifteen minutes later we were on the USS Paul Revere ( Peter Rabbit) headed out of port.
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