Guam, February, March and April 1969

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Guam, February, March and April 1969

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I remember being loaded onto a C141 Hospital transport plane. I was recovering from the operation on my arm and leg so everything was fuzzy and I had lost a lot of blood when I got hit.This was in Feb. of '69. I remember telling the nurse I had to pee, she got a bottle and handed it to me ( I tried to get her to hold my dick but she wouldn't do it ) She was an Air Force nurse and looked something like Susan Hayward. I was told that Subic Bay and Japan were full so we were going to Guam. When we landed I can remember the drive from the air base to the hospital. It was weird, riding through the jungle in an ambulance.
I think I was in the main hospital for a few days before I began to come to. I still could couldn't get out of bed by myself and I hadn't had any solid food. I was weighed in at 116 lbs. Finally I was able to get up by myself. I hobbled over to a wash basin and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like an Andersonville POW. I could see all of my ribs and my pelvis. I could see my teeth, cheek bones and my skull through my skin.
After a few days I was transferred to Assan Annex, Ward 508.
Ward 508 was a living chamber of horrors. I saw Marines who had lost every part of the human anatomy that is possible to lose and still live. I went through the process of being present when some of them passed away.
The corpsman changed bandages twice a day and when they did the ward smelled like a slaughter house. They filled a half a dozen laundry hampers with blood soaked bandages each time.
My condition steadily improved. After a few weeks they sewed up the holes in my arm and my ass. When I got stronger a corpsman told me I could go outside for a walk.

The Reef
When I walked out the front door and my eyes adjusted to the light I stood there amazed. There was a service road then a well manicured lawn that stretched to the white coral sand beach that was lined with palm trees. beyond was a coral reef that stretched out 500 meters to the open sea. There was a swimming hole that was the size of an olympic pool. In the middle of that was a swimming platform. There was a PX, I bought a pair of swim trunks, a mask and snorkel and some Voit fins. As I got stronger I swam in the reef everyday and I was encouraged to do so.
I looked up the beach at the end of the row of wards ( there were 15 ) and I saw an outdoor snack bar and theater. I walked in to look around. The cook came out and asked what I wanted, I said I didn't have any money. He said ,"your a patient, everything is free"! I ordered a cheeseburger and fries and a pitcher of beer. Then he said, Wanna hear some music"? He walked over to the jut box pushed a few buttons. The first song was "It's a beautiful morning...Ahhhh...".
We saw a first run movie every night. There were NO WOMEN ON GUAM!!! The ratio was 7 men to 1 woman. Didn't bother me, I was recovering from wounds. And, I knew I' see Okinawa again.

The Naval Magazine

After I was released from the hospital I was place on transit status. I was TADed to D Co. Marine Barracks for 2 weeks. They were in charge guarding the naval magazine for the pacific fleet.Then I shipped out for Okinawa. I partied hearty till I shipped out for Nam.
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