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A Rocket Attack at VCB

PostPosted: Sun Jul 13, 2014 10:53 pm
by donald
I was on casual along with second squad leader Lawson because I had jungle rot on my foot and he had pulled his left shoulder out socket. I had jungle rot between my toes because the sole of my jungle boot came in the bush and I walked around for four days in the jungle with no shoe. Lawson tumbled out a chopper with six other guys and fell about twenty feet. When they hit they rolled dow the side of a hill with all their gear on. We were placed on casual at VCB.
Battalion Corpsman gave us some medication and told us find a tent in battalion area to crap out. Everyone was out in the field so we had the area too ourselves.
WE spotted a brand new troop tent down by the LZ. There were no holes in it. The rest of the tents were all ripped up.
At about noon of the third day I was laying on my air mattress with my foot propped up (it hurt) on my pack when we heard the popping sound of two NVA rockets being fired. They were Soviet 122mm rockets.
I jumped up and ran for the zigzag trench outside tent. I looked back over my left shoulder and saw Lawson rolling on the ground in pain. He had tried too push himself up with his bad arm and popped his shoulder out again. I turned around and ran to grab him. As I did we could hear the rocket coming down directly on top of us. It went vooooooooouuuuuUUUUUMMMM. Just as I got to Lawson and started to grab him we hit the deck and pressed each other to the ground. BOOM!!! The rocket hit the ground just out side of the tent stakes. We were showered with dirt and rocks. We looked at each other then rolled over and looked up... the tent was shredded. The was a crater about three feet deep and six feet in diameter next to the tent. We jumped up and ran to the trench and leaped in.
We stayed in the trench for about an hour, with Lawson holding his shoulder and moaning and I with my bleeding foot.

After a while a corpsman came by to check on us. He helped us out of the trench and back to the tent. Both of our air mattress were flat. Only one round had been fired. I think that we were specifically targeted.