Stretchers for the dead and wounded on 1175

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Stretchers for the dead and wounded on 1175

Postby donald » Mon Aug 10, 2015 1:35 am

I was placed on a make shift strecher when we got ready to pull out. It was as painfull as being hit. We went about ten yards when I demanded to be taken off. I walked out! Mcklusky's body was rolled up in his pancho and tied to a couple of tree poles with rope. It took six troopers to pick him up. One of them was at the end of his endurance and cried out in pain and shook uncontrolably with every step. I think we were all as exhausted. They finnally put the dead down, tied ropes around their feet and dragged them. I write this because the first thing I always remember about 1175 is slogging through the mud behind McKlosky. He with his dead eyes staring up at me. This went on for three days AND nights intill we got to the river and hooked with the support unit. It didn't end there.
When we were loaded up on the choppers for medivac, McKluskys body ended up at my feet. When we landed at Charlie-med I watched the corpsmen take him off and place his body no a pile of the dead numbering about 150.
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