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Postby Pete1175 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:20 am

Tomorrow is the anniversary of our battle on the DMZ where we were a blocking force for the predicted NVA infiltration across the 'Z'. Thanks to our illustrious politicians who voted to 'stop the bombing' of the north we were left hanging. It was said that approximately 500 NVA hit us on that night; but we held. 'Puff the Magic Dragon' saved our bacon before first light. The last artillery illumination round was burning in the sky when they showed up and started dropping their illumination, not to mention their opening up with mini guns. I know I was glad to see them as I had no frags, 7 rounds in my rifle and a .45 left to fight with. We lost good men that night. I will raise a glass once again in their honor. Semper Fi, Pete Grosso
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