Burma Shave signs

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Burma Shave signs

Postby BobAverill » Tue Aug 21, 2007 3:37 pm

At the start of the buildup for the \"relief\" of Ke Sanh, the Army started running 100 truck convoys up 9 to Stud. On more than one occassion the lead vehicle would stop at the bridge by Mikes Hill to take a picture of a decorated milepost marker. Charles figured out what was going on and had his 82's well lined up. This would interfere with our football scrimmages within our perimeter. Someone in the Plt. got the idea we needed to post signs east of our pos telling the convoys not to stop as they were entering the X-ring. As I recall we took C-rat sleeves and lettered them up with a \"Burma Shave\" jingle. Anyone remember what that jingle was?
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