1st Platoon

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1st Platoon

Postby BobAverill » Sat Oct 16, 2010 12:30 pm

Here are some the 1st Plt. Marines at Camp Carroll in Feb of '68. we had just come off of Mikes Hill and now were occupying lines on the east side of Carroll. Always hated that as it met improving the fighting holes, reinforcing the bunkers, and for an escape- convoy security or road sweep in the AM. Time has eroded my memory but going from left to right I believe is the 1st Squad Ldr, Plat Radioman(Arbratus-sp?) one of the grenediers whose M79 only fired when he closed it, me, another squad Ldr, squad member, our Doc, and another squad ldr. Sorry I can't remember any names, Hope someone else does and fills in the blanks.
Members of 1st Platoon at Camp Carroll,Plt Corpsman with the bandage
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Re: 1st Platoon

Postby Larry Schmidt » Thu Jun 30, 2011 12:21 pm

hey bob:

i beleive i was a member of the 1st platoon, my platoon leader was corpral Cupp
and my fire team leader was pfc groff. when i learn how to scan my pictures i have
some great shots of hill 174.

I also remember going on water runs with Rafel Munachello who later hijacked the
first airplane from LA to Rome.

Served with Hotel 2/9 from Aug '67 to Sept. '68
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