Another Snake Story

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Another Snake Story

Postby BobAverill » Tue Jun 07, 2011 12:30 am

Sometime in late Feb 68 Ist Platoon was off of Mikes Hill and back in the Bn perimeter above route 9. Our positions were the most easterly of the Bn. We would set 2 man LP's out. I think we had 2 LPs in our line. Probably around midnight, when the Lp's were being checked- "if your sit rep is all secure, key your handset twice ,if not, once, over". The radio man was getting just one click from one of the LPs so our Plt line came to the alert. I started asking more questions of the LP to determine how far away the movement was. Using the old click twice for yes and once for no, we got the idea that the enemy was within 5 meters of the LP ready to move toward our line. We alerted the CO who in turn alerted the Bn. Everyone on alert now, I had moved down to the line and I asked the LP if they thought they could move back to the line without being detected. The LP gave an affirmative and I said to come on in.

I don't believe I had completed the sentence when the LP leaped into our line!. They were good- as no NVA fired at them!
One of the Marines was busy pulling off a set of trousers. He had two sets on to keep warm during the monsoon weather.

Seems a snake slithered up between the two sets of trousers while he was out on the LP. I thought it was pretty damn funny- he didn't. :lol:
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