Battle with a NVA Regiment in the DMZ

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Battle with a NVA Regiment in the DMZ

Postby larry brinkman » Sun Jul 31, 2005 8:22 pm

This post is to honor the Marines from 2/9 and the three from 3rd Platoon that were killed and wounded in the DMZ on July 29 1967 on the old French Road. A total of 23, 2/9 Marines died and 150 were wounded. During the battle with the NVA Regiment the Marines of 2/9 showed great courage and with the aid of close air support and with artillery almost in our back pocket kept the NVA from overrunning us.

This battle and the leadership of Captain Southard, Hotel Company Commander return to my mind many times during the years since.

May God bless the familes of the dead and all of us that survived. You are truly great warriors and I salute you.

Semper Fi

Larry Brinkman, Plt. Sgt. 3rd Platoon, Hotel Co. 1966/67
larry brinkman
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Postby jim delehant » Sun Aug 21, 2005 7:33 pm

Sgt. Brinkman:

Again, thanks for posting these memorial messages. This battle was especially significant to me since I lost my best friend in Vietnam, Jerry McGovern, on that day. He was an exceptional Marine and a great friend. His memory will always be with me.

I will never forget moving up that narrow road the day before, and reaching the Ben Hai river that far north into the DMZ. I also will never forget fighting our way back out the next day. I can still see the images around that 250 lb bomb crater, which I remember as being as far south as we got before we were cut off. That night, trying to dig into that cement like ground and listening to the sounds of the NVA, I had my doubts that any of us were going to make it out of there. Thank God for the close-in air support that night, and for 3/4 the next morning.

Semper Fi,
Jim Delehant
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Old French Road July 29,1967

Postby docfitz67 » Mon Nov 21, 2005 7:04 pm

As a corpsman, I think I went though 100 battle dressings before I was shot in the neck. Doc Caffarilli (Tony-Milford Mass.) found me laying amoung the dead and dying (no medevacs 29 July). He dragged me across that road and covered me with brush to hide me from the NVA, who were breaking though to the road .

That next morning everything was burned around us including dead Marines and NVA with in a few meters of the road.I was medevac'd to Delta Med then the Santuary. All's I wanted that morning 30 July was a drink of water and a Lucky Strike- I got both at D Med. One hell of a 24 hours which in some ways has defined (haunted?) my life since..

Jack \"Doc\" Fitzgerald
1st. Platoon H. Co.(Horrorible Hawgs) 2/9
I was a Navy Corpman with 2/9 H. CO. 1st Plt from end of April 67 to first of Oct 67. TXed to 3rd Med.
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